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How to Make $500 Dollars Fast as A Teenager? -Even $700+

If you are a teenager and have $500, you should learn first how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager? In this article, you will learn what to do with $500 dollars as a teenager. We often forget that we have to spend money to make money. Whether $500 seems small or not, it is enough to invest in several ideas that can double your investment. But you have to pick one and start today.

How to Make $500 Dollars Fast as A Teenager?

There are many ways for a teenager to make $500 fast. One option is to get a part-time job. Another option is to start a small business. Finally, one could also do odd jobs for people in the community. All of these options can help a teenager to make $500 fast.

The worst thing you can do is think about investing. If you do not take action, you will still have the same money tomorrow, the next day, and the next.

Best 20 Ways to Make $500 Dollars Fast as A Teenager

If you’re a teenager looking to make some extra cash, there are a number of ways to do it. Here are a few ideas on how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager:

01. Write Articles

There are two things you cannot avoid as a student. Taking tests and writing articles. And while you may not write exams for people, most of them will agree to pay you to write essays for them. You can charge ten dollars per page, and if you are a talented writer, it will not be difficult to keep writing articles for other readers or expand your business to other readers.

02. Dog walking

Similar to the dog walk, a dog’s stay is when the dog stays with you for a long time. Instead of taking a 30-minute trip, the dog may stay with you for 3 days while the owners are out of town. You will still need to go with the dog, but the dog’s stay comes with extra responsibilities, such as feeding them and giving them water.

If you have space in your house and your parents are fine then this might be a good way to start making extra money on the side.

03. Teach Art Studies

When I say art, I do not mean that you should be able to draw. If you can sing, play a musical instrument, paint, or anything related to those lines you can hold art classes for other children in your area. This is good because you can have group lessons where you can teach many children at once.

04. Sell ​​Hot Coffee In Winter

If I wanted to make more money as a child, I would have done this. You can only sell water and soda during the summer. When winter comes, the business model no longer works. However, if you just change your product offer you can still stay in business.

If you invest in a coffee maker you can make coffee and sell it in a crowded place. You can also check out items such as tea and hot chocolate and see if they also sell well.

05. Shovel snow

Another winter job is to shovel snow. This is great if you live in an underground area where there are many driving lanes. Most people hate to sniff their snow, but it is something you have to do to get in your car and get out of the way.

Go from door to door and ask people if they would like their entrance to be shoveled for $20. Most people will welcome you to that agreement, and if you do a good enough job, this can be a recurring benefit to you as it will snow throughout the winter.

06. Sell Products To Your Classmates

One of the easiest ways to make money as a teenager is to make money with your classmates. All you have to do is buy something you can re-sell to your friends at a higher price. This could be sports cards, shoes, hats, or food.

You can easily purchase items on eBay that you can consult with your classmates to earn extra money. The trick is to test it before you sell it. If you want to sell watches to classmates, show them a picture of the clock and ask them how much they would agree to pay. Once they have given you an answer, see if you can get that watch for a cheaper price and if you can sell it to them for a profit.

07. Be the Referee

If you have played the game for most of your life you probably understand the ins and outs of it. You can use that knowledge of that game to be a referee. As a player, you probably know all the stadiums and courts around your area that have children’s games. Contact your local sports community and ask if they need more help.

Referees are always wanted, and if you understand the game well this can be a great way to make money as a teenager.

08. Give Car Wash service for others to Make $500 Dollars Fast as A Teenager

Like the last yards, if you live in an area where everyone has a car this can be an easy way to make money as a teenager. Go from door to door and ask if the owners would like you to clean their car.

Most people will respect the chaos and if they have not washed their cars for a long time they will let you do so. Many of the things you need to clean a car can be found near your home. Do not simply go from door to door asking people if they need a service.

09. Rent Your Space/ Things

Do you have a garage in your house? Maybe a big room where you can find people. You are probably too young to rent your entire house on Airbnb. However, you can rent your property and allow people to use the space inside your house.

It doesn’t have to be your own place. You can also rent things like a bike, skateboard, soccer, or baseball bat. Just make sure you know who you are giving your stuff to so they can get it if they do not return your items.

10. Clean Houses

Cleaning is one of those things that nobody wants to do but we all have to do it. Use this to your advantage. If you live in a city, there is a strong possibility that you live in an apartment building. Most apartments will have laundromats or landfills. In these areas, it is usually the notice board where you can send the flyers.

Publish flyers saying you will clean houses. You can charge anywhere from $ 100 to $ 200 per house. It should not take you more than a few hours and this would be a good thing to do after school or on the weekend. Flyers is a straightforward strategy I can use in my dog ​​walking business.

It is a very effective way to show people in your area the availability of your service. Another good thing if you live in an apartment building is verbal communication. If you do something nice for someone, he or she may tell another neighbor about your work. You can ask them to spread the word in your name.

11. Sell Custom T-shirts to Make $500 Dollars Fast as A Teenager

You can start selling custom T-shirts for your school’s friends. Almost every school has a sports team. In addition to having sports teams, many schools also have organizations such as a chess club or comic book club. All sports teams need clothing, and many organizations also need clothing. Go to your athletic director and ask how much it costs to match sports equipment.

Tell them you did research on school uniforms and saw that many schools pay more for their sports uniforms. Once they have told you how much they are paying for their clothes, ask them if they can afford them so you can look for a seller at a cheaper cost.

If they agree, in most cases you can find a supplier that can reduce the price of the current supplier and make you extra money. It is a nice way how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager. Read more: How to start a T-shirt business from home?

12. Cleaning Garage

Obviously cleaning is a habit. Garages are another good place to clean because no one likes to clean garages. This works best if you live in a suburban area where people really have garages. Also, you can use the flyers at a local store, church, or playground. Find locations that allow you to place your flyers for free.

The trick to making these flags stand out is to make the paper or font a little different from all the other flyers out there. Do not use too many colors or too light colors as this may interfere. But having a red font or a piece of pink paper will stand out more than the usual white and black paper.

13. Start Pet Business to Make $500 Dollars Fast

Starting a pet business is a great option for teenagers. There are a few things to consider before starting a pet business, such as what services you will offer, what type of pets you will work with, and what your target market will be.

Decide first what services you will offer. Will you offer pet sitting, dog walking, or grooming services? Or, will you focus on one specific service such as pet training? Once you have decided on the services you will offer, you need to decide what type of pets you will work with.

Will you work with all types of pets, or will you focus on a specific type of pet such as dogs, cats, or reptiles? Once you have a clear idea of the services you will offer and your target market, you can start to promote your pet business. Create a website or social media pages.

14. Start YouTube Channel to Make $500 Dollars Fast

It is not uncommon to find teens making a lot of money each month on YouTube. You must be 13 years old to start a YouTube channel. All you need is a camera and an internet connection and you can start creating content.

There are many celebrities who have made money through their presence on YouTube from James Charles to Kyle Forgeard. Youtube is a popular way how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager.

15. Sell Your Older Things

It’s time to look in your room. I would be willing to bet that you wear only about 20% of all the clothes you see there. That is not a knock at your door. Most of us buy things that we do not really need. However, selling these clothes is one of the easiest ways to make money quickly.

If you have social media accounts send a photo of some of the items you would like to sell. Some people may reach out to you with an interest to buy your things. You can even go to forums like Facebook Marketplace and post your stuff there. This gives you more exposure to your items. The more places you can list your items, the more likely the buyer will see them.

16. Learn High-Performance Skills

This is one thing I wish I had learned before. High-earning skills are something you have to teach yourself because you will never learn them in school. Everyone knows the quadratic formula. There are many high-paying skills that if you study now will pay off later in life. Some of these are:

  • Copywriting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Coding
  • Digital marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook advertising

17. Drop shipping Business to Make $500 Dollars Fast

Drop shipping business

Let’s say you have $500 dollars but what to do with $500 dollars as a teenager? You can grow that money and double it. Dropshipping is a business model where you do not need to buy any invention.

For example, suppose someone wanted to buy a cell phone case. You have created a website called that sells cell phone cases. Visitors will enter your website and place a purchase order for $20.

They do not know, that you do not actually have cell phone cases. You just go to the manufacturer of cell phone cases that make cell phone cases for $7. Then buy a mobile case from the manufacturer for $7 and send it to the person who bought it on your website for $20. This gives you a $13 profit. Dropshipping business model is a great way how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager.

18. Work As A Freelancer to Make $500 Dollars Fast

Still, looking for how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager? If you choose to learn a high-paying job it is easier than ever to be a freelancer. A self-employed person is a person who works for themselves instead of a company.

This means that people will pay you for certain services and that is it. The benefit of being an independent worker is that you do not have the salary and benefits that you can pay much more than the average paid employee.

If you want to be a freelancer because you are good at a certain skill we recommend that you open a Fiverr account. Fiverr is one of the largest online markets for freelancers. You can sell your services for as cheap as $ 5 for categories such as digital marketing, video animation, and editing.

19. Become a Photographer

Do you like to take pictures? Specifically, do you like to take pictures? If you do, you can start getting paid for your photos. Lots of businesses need stock images for their website and will go to forums like Pexels, Pixabay, Stock, and Getty Images.

If you like taking pictures of nature, you can upload your photos on these platforms. Every time someone downloads one of these pictures you get paid. It is a fantastic way how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager.

20. Start With A Blog

I really like this one, not just because I own a blog, but because blogging is one of those things you can start at any age. Although much goes into the blog, the only thing that really required of you is the ability to consistently extract content. It doesn’t have to be every day, but you should be willing to commit to at least two blog posts per week.

Blogging is not one of those things you can make money from as soon as you start. However, it can cost a lot of time on the road. To choose a theme for your blog, ask yourself, ‘What is my favorite subject?’ You will be amazed at how many things you can make money with on blogging.

There are blogs around video games, sports, dating, and more that make up six figures a year all from blog post writing. If you want to learn how to start a blog and make money with it, check out our post here.

These are the best 20 ways to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager. I hope, you learned how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager.

how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager

FAQ on How to Make $500 Dollars Fast as A Teenager

How to make 700 dollars fast as a teenager?

There are a few ways that a teenager can make 700 dollars fast. One way is to offer yard-work or house-sitting services to neighbors and family friends. Another way is to start a small business, such as dog walking or selling homemade goods. Finally, many online platforms allow teenagers to take surveys or complete short tasks in exchange for money.

How to make 500 dollars as a kid?

To make 500 dollars as a kid is to start a small business. This could involve selling items you make or providing a service such as yard work or dog walking. Another option is to find ways to make money through online platforms such as taking online surveys or becoming an influencer on social media.

Finally, you could also look into more traditional methods such as babysitting or mowing lawns to make 500 dollars as a kid.

What to do with 500 dollars as a teenager?

There are a few things that come to mind when trying to decide what to do with 500 dollars as a teenager. A first option could be to invest the money into a savings account so that it can grow over time.

Another option could be to use the money to purchase items that will be needed for colleges, such as a laptop or textbooks. Additionally, the money could be used to travel or to make a special trip with friends. Whatever the decision, it is important to be thoughtful about how the money will be used in order to make the most of it.

Summary on How to Make $500 Dollars Fast as A Teenager

There are many ways for a teenager to make an extra $500 dollars. They can get a part-time job, do odd jobs for people in their neighborhood, or start a small business. They can also save money by doing things like cutting back on spending and eating out less. With a little bit of effort, any teenager can make an extra $700 dollars.

I hope you enjoyed this post on “how to make $500 dollars fast as a teenager”. Let us know in the comments below if you have any ideas on what to do with $500 dollars as a teenager. Thanks!

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