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Daily 500 Taka Income 2024 in Bangladesh by Apps

Daily 500 taka income means weekly 3500 Taka =(500 x 7 days) and monthly approx. 15,000 Taka =(500 x 30 days). Read the full article to know the details of how to start a daily 500 income in Bangladesh.

Online income is currently a trending topic in Bangladesh. People all over the country are very fond of making money online. There are many paths to online taka income in Bangladesh. Some of them are good manners while some are not. People also asked about the daily 500 taka income apps.

In today’s modern times, we don’t have to go out for work. If you have some skills you can earn money online from home. Today I will discuss the daily 500 taka income in Bangladesh.

Is it possible to income daily 500 Taka?

Yes, it is possible to income daily 500 taka online. But you must have this type of skill to earn 500 Taka per day. You can learn about logo design, business card design, photo manipulations, and lots of other works. There are many people who want to find online income ways so that they can work from home.

How to earn daily 500 Taka income?

If you want to earn 500 taka daily income, you should find legal and effective ways. You can start a small online store on Facebook and offer services or products for sale.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to put in the effort and you should be able to earn a decent amount of money every day. Check out the top 5 ways to earn 500 taka daily in Bangladesh below.

Best 05 Ways to Earn Daily 500 Taka Income in Bangladesh

01. Work as a freelance content writer

The best way is to earn 500 taka daily income by content writing. There are many website owners who are looking for a good article writer for their blog. So, if you are a good article writer, they will buy your content.

However, there are certain conditions for article writing. You may not copy other content. Content writing skills can give you a constant income of approx. 500 taka per day.

02. Start a YouTube channel to income

Yes, you can earn money from YouTube videos, but you must first create a channel and build up a following of subscribers. There are a lot of people who don’t have any kind of talent, but a lot of people can make money in their daily life just by making videos.

Once you have a loyal following, you can begin to monetize your videos through YouTube’s Partner Program Google Adsense, which allows you to place ads on your videos. You will earn a percentage of the ad revenue generated from your videos.

03. Become A Graphic designer and income 500 taka daily

Are you creative and innovative? If so, you might be interested in a career in graphic design. Graphic designers develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. As a graphic designer, you can earn 500 taka daily.

Many graphic designers are self-employed, working freelance and contracting their services to advertising agencies, design firms, publishers, and other organizations. Graphic designers use Adobe Illustrator software to design vector graphics and earn money.

04. Sell products on social media platforms

There are many social media platforms that allow users to sell products and services. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all popular platforms for selling products. You can sell products on these platforms by creating a page or profile for your business, and then posting products and services that you offer for sale.

You can also use social media paid ads to promote your products and services and income daily 500 Taka.

05. Start a blog and earn 500 taka daily

To start a blog site, you need to purchase a domain & hosting and then build your website by hiring a web developer. You can contact us to design your blog website by paying a small fee. You can contact us also for hosting and SEO services.

Once that blogging site or site is created, you need to publish content regularly on your site. When your website will rank on google, you will get organic visitors for google’s search engine. To rank a website in google is a slow process. It may take approx. 5-7 months.

You can send visitors from your social accounts also. After that, apply for Google AdSense to generate revenue from your site. So be patient and sit at home, you can easily earn at least 500 taka or more daily.

Daily 500 taka income

FAQ About Daily 500 Taka Income in Bangladesh 2024

Which Are Daily 500 Taka Income Apps?

No one can give you a guaranteed daily 500 taka income through mobile apps. But, some apps will give you the opportunity to make a daily 500 taka income such as the Uber driver app, Foodpanda rider App, Pathao rider app, etc. I hope you got you learned how to make a daily 500 taka income through apps.

Final Words on Daily 500 Taka Income BD

I have already mentioned the authentic ways of online taka income in Bangladesh. But everyone won’t be able to income in these ways. Because they didn’t stick to one way and just jump from one to another. If you really want to make a daily 500 taka income, you should develop your own skill set and must have to work hard.

Whatever method you choose, you must have to work hard and take risks to make daily online income. I hope you enjoyed the article on “daily 500 taka income”. Comments below your opinion about online taka income in Bangladesh. Thank you!

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