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We have some privacy policies on our website. Collect some information from our users’ computers, mobile or internet devices through our users’ Internet connection to provide real services from our users.

Now We will describe how we collect, use, and share information from our users. Before using any information or services from this website, the user must agree to our privacy policy terms.

How and what information do we collect from our users?

We collect information from our users in a number of ways and these are

Automatically collected information
Data collected from cookies and pixel tags
A report provided by our users’ own choice
Information Collected via Social Media

Automatically collected information:

We use third-party services (Google Analytics) to track our visitors, total page views, how much time the viewer has spent on each page, etc. All this information comes automatically to us through our users’ Internet browser and its corresponding IP address.

Information collected from cookies and pixel tags:

Our users are sent some small files or programs to the computer when the user comes to our website for the first time we get information about our users’ zip codes addresses IP addresses etc. From this information, we lock or unlock good ads or any service or special facility based on the search history of the users’ browser. Users can accept or reject the cookies policy. Biggest users’ browsers are set to accept cookies by default. Users can change their browser settings and delete cookies if they want. Currently, we do not use any cookies on our website but our third-party services may use their cookies.

The pixel tag helps us to quickly install cookies by sending cookies to our users’ browsers.

We or our third-party services use this pixel to make our users go to any page by clicking internal or external links. Our third-party services can also display the best ads on our users’ devices with pixel tags.

Information provided by our users for their own will:

You can easily understand that you submit any information you want. Yes, this is the name, age, gender, location, etc. of users provided in different forms. Such information is usually available for getting special offers such as signing up or subscribing to membership in a particular course.

Information Collected Through Social Media: can associate with various social media or other platforms. When our users log in or register through our website on social media or similar platforms we can also access the information of our users’ age email etc. So, logging anywhere through our website when our users fully understand and log in.

How and what information do we use?

Before using our website, you acknowledge that you are giving all information provided during the time of using our website and you are sending permission to send the promotional offer to our third-party services associated with that site along with our website.

We do not usually share information about our users with anyone we do not control third-party services. Therefore, we will not be responsible for any information or information shared by our third-party services.

External links, Applications, and Advertisements

There are may be different kinds of External links on our website, and clicking on them can lead you to a different website or show ads for a product. We do not have the control of External links, consequently, click on your individual before clicking. You have any misuse of information because of clicking the External link then we will not be binding.


Everything changes over time, so our privacy policy may change over time. Please contact us to give us any suggestions regarding our privacy policy.

Above all, you acknowledge that you have read our privacy policy very well while using our website and are conforming to our website’s privacy policy.