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 By John Steinbeck


Brief description: The Grapes of Wrath First published in 1939, the Great Depression Stinnabe Pulitzer Prize winning epic
describes the 1930s Dust Bowl Traffic, and the Oklahoma farm family, Jods’ story, drives them from their residence and forced
to travel to California from the West to the promised land of West Bengal. Their testing against the tough realities of America and
their repeated scattered and conflicts created a drama that does not create a drama that has its scale and moral view, theoretical and rich, tragic but ultimately its human dignity.
An image of a person’s strong and stupid clash, a horrific reaction to injustice and a woman’s stoical power, the novel takes the horrors of Great Depression and explores the nature of equality and justice in America.
Sensitive to fascist and communist criticism, Steinbeck insisted that he will be completely printed in the first edition of “War of the Republic’s Warfare” – which takes its title from the first verse: He breaks the wine, where the vine of grape is stored. “Don DeLillo claims that with this novel in Steinbeck, the geography attracts the geography” where there is something in every sentence. “Except beyond that, theoretical activities, bizarre strength, sustainable effects, predictive reactions and ongoing debates – The Grapes of Wrath are probably the most American of American classics.

Title of book-The Grapes of Wrath
ISBN-067001690X (ISBN13: 9780670016907)

John Steinbeck Nobel prize won for Literature in 1962
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Free Download The Grapes of Wrath By By John Steinbeck pdf

About Writer :John Steinbeck III was the third American writer. He wrote the novel Of Mice and Men, published in 1937, in the 1942 Polity Award winner novel The Grapes of Wrath. Above all, he wrote twenty-five books, of which there are six novels, six non-fiction books and various collections. Short stories In 1962 Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Steinbeck grew up in Salinas Valley, California, a cultural diversity of rich expatriates and immigrants. This disorder provides a regional taste of his writings, giving a distinct idea of many of his works.

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